Payments On Fire

Payments on Fire

Episode 79 – The Last Mile: Domestic Connectivity in eCommerce – Steve Villegas, PPRO

In the U.S., there’s the automatic assumption that payment cards and perhaps PayPal are the way to pay online. But if you’re an eCommerce merchant trying to sell in the Netherlands, you’d better support the domestic system known as iDeal.

Connectivity into domestic payment systems is an important and complex issue. There are over 150 such systems across dozens of countries around the world. While not all are important to a given merchant, most are important to the acquirers and payment service providers serving eCommerce merchants.

Join George and Steve Villegas, VP Partner Management and Head of U.S. Office, of London-based PPRO Group, a company that provides white label connectivity to these domestic systems by serving acquirers and PSPs alike.

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