Payments On Fire
Payments On Fire® podcast series
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and batted around with industry leaders.
In other words, a good conversation
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Latest Podcasts

Episode 175 – Delegated Push Payments, Russ Jones

If you’ve attended a Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp®, chances are good that you remember reviewing push and pull payments during the key concepts. The determination for whether a transaction is push or pull comes down to who is sharing their payment address. If the receiver is sharing, it is a push payment. If the sender is sharing, it is a pull payment. But what if the sender and receiver are not personally involved in initiating the transaction? 

Russ Jones joins George Peabody and Yvette Bohanan on this episode of Payments on Fire® to talk about delegated push payments, where another party has permission to initiate a push transaction on the sender’s behalf. Listen in as they discuss the nuances around delegated push payments and the use cases for these transactions.


Episode 173 – Fanning the Flames: NFTs

In this Fanning the Flames episode, Neel Saunshi joins Yvette Bohanan to discuss a very hot topic in the industry – NFTs. Tune in as they break down smart contracts, what’s happening behind the scenes, and examples and applications for how this technology is being used to disrupt various industries. 



Episode 172 – Fanning the Flames: Fast Payments on the African Continent

Glenbrook’s own Elizabeth McQuerry and Joanna Wisniecka just returned from spending a couple of weeks in Kenya leading training on inclusive payments systems. 

While in the country, they got to play end-users of digital payments and experimented with M-PESA’s mobile money e-wallet. You may have been following their payments adventure on Glenbrook’s LinkedIn page

Listen in to hear more about their experiences, some quick insights into other learnings from Kenya, and what fast payments developments they are seeing on the continent.



Episode 169 – Catching Up on the State of Payments – Robin Gandhi, Nium

George and Yvette welcome back Robin Gandhi in this episode of Payments on Fire®. Formerly of TripActions (Episode 146), Robin is now the chief product officer of Nium, a firm specializing in bringing cross-border payments capabilities to banks, fintechs, and large and medium enterprises. 

Glenbrook has been taking a deep dive into Global Payments lately – check out recent recorded webinars. This conversation with Robin highlights the complexities and considerations involved in moving money across borders and the importance of in-country access to domestic payment systems. 


Episode 168 – Fanning the Flames: Nacha Smarter Faster Payments 2022

Just off the plane from Nashville, Glenbrook’s Elizabeth McQuerry and Cici Northup sat down with Yvette Bohanan to chat about attending Nacha’s Smarter Faster Payments Conference, where Elizabeth also participated in a session with the US Faster Payments Council. Tune in to hear their takeaways and why this year was “not your grandma’s Nacha conference”.




Episode 166 – Payments Trends & Best Practices – Casey Klyszeiko, Fiserv

In this episode of Payments on Fire®, George Peabody and Yvette Bohanan are talking payment trends and best practices with Fiserv’s Casey Klyszeiko, Head of Carat and eCommerce at Fiserv.

Tune in to hear Casey, a Payments Boot Camp alum himself, discuss the consumer payments journey and the questions merchants should be asking in order to deliver the right payments experience for their customers.